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Noze surgery

Chirurgie esthétique des seins

Surgery : Noze surgery

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to alter the size or shape of your nose. It can be performed to either decrease or increase the size of your nose in order to enhance facial harmony. It can also alter certain features of your nose, such as a large tip, a prominent hump, or asymmetry. The goal of rhinoplasty is a nose that looks natural and blends harmoniously with your other facial features.

Through a personal consultation from his office in South Florida, Dr. Shuster can determine if you are an ideal candidate for rhinoplasty, but listed below are some general characteristics which may indicate that you are a good candidate:

- The appearance of your nose seems too large, or too small, for your face
- When viewed in profile, a bump is present on your nasal bridge
- When viewed from the front, your nose appears too wide
- The nasal tip sags or hangs down
- The tip of your nose is thickened or bulbous
- Your nostrils are excessively wide
- Your nose is off-center or asymmetric 

On occasion certain breathing problems related to the internal nasal structures can be corrected at the same time as a rhinoplasty is performed. If you have difficulty breathing, Dr. Shuster will be able to help you determine whether these structures should be modified along with reshaping your nose.

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