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Plastic surgeon : Prices

Prices of Aesthetic Surgery procedures cannot be edited precisely on the web, following the french law.
Only a range of usual prices can be announced

Therefore you will find below a range of usual doctor?s fees in Aesthetic Surgery in France.

Consultation :  between  60 & 150 Euros

Liposuction  3 sites or less   : 3000 to 4500 Euros.  More than 3 sites.... depending on every case.

Blepharoplasty ( 4 eyelids) : Between 3000 and 4500 Euros

Face Lifting : between  4500 & 8000 Euros

Rhinoplasty : between 4000 & 6000 Euros

Augmentation mammoplasty with implants : Between 4500 & 6000 Euros (Implants costs included).

Reduction mammoplasty   :  between  4500 & 6000 Euros

Injections : Between  400 & 800 Euros depending on the number,  and the kind of injection...

I remind that all the patients will receive a written and signed document before any treatment, mentioning exactly the costs of the expected surgery , all expenses included), and a formal consent...
Dr David Laguarde is a surgeon board qualified in Aesthetic , Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr Laguarde receives his patients on appointement in his office of aesthetic surgery near Paris. Dr Laguarde is particularly specialized in aesthetic surgery of the noseaesthetic surgery of the breast, mammary augmentationmammary reduction, body contouring, face lifting, liposuction, liposculpture, otoplasty and blepharoplasty.