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Breast Augmentation

Surgery : Breast augmentation


CASE N°1 Round Silicone implants, hemi-areolar approach, retro muscular, moderate size

Comments: The most asked size in France, an equivalent to C cup size. Notice the good correction of the asymetry.

CASE N°2 Round silicone implants, hemi-areolar approach, premuscular, moderate size

Comments: Reasonnable size, correction of an assymetry, premuscular position because the preop ptosis.

CASE N°3 Round silicone implants, hemiareolar approach, premusclar, big size

Comments: The important volumes were decided to fill the empty bags resulting from important ptosis.


As all this  aesthetic surgery procedures, breast augmentation is done to please the patient , not for medical health reasons. Therefore care must be particularly taken about the decision, this surgery is not mandatory anf may have risks and complications.

This surgery is decided after minimum two consultations,  after complete explanations given orally and with documents.
The implants usually used today are made with  a silicone enveloppe, silicone cohesive gel content, and  a textured surface. Usually they are round. Sometime it is preferable to use smooth implants, is it not usual,  and sometimes "anatomical implants "are preferred instead the round patterns, it is also unusual.
The smooth implants were used to avoid ripples when the contents was saline.
The "anatomical implants" are supposed to be more natural and to give immediately the definitive shape of the breast. It is not totally true. On the other hand the anatomical implants are not symetrical,  and give immediately a nice "pearshape" aspect.
-In fact it is  the gravity forces  and the relaxing of the skin who are responsible of the shape of the breast. After a while, the conic shape of the young breast little by little change its aspect and take the "pear shape" pattern . At the origin, the the mammary gland is a round shaped disk and the skin covering the breast  is responsible of its shape, and changes from a conical aspect to a pear shaped aspect, with time. It is the same for the implants and after surgery , from round the shape changes toward a  pear shape, spontaneously.However the "anatomic" shapes are very useful and provide a very nice shape in youg patients with breast hypoplasia, in retromuscular position and submammary fold incision.

The choice of the volume, and the situation of the implants with regards  to the pectoralis muscle will be decided together after the consultation.I use to show results obtained with former patients to help the choice.I advocate that breast implants should not be too heavy, to big, too agressive, because the evolution of the breast will depend on the volume of the implant. The breast will undergone ptosis too fast if the implants are too heavy. You must be reasonnable, the breast augmentation should be done for you, not  for the others,  and should be efficient, safe, and discrete.

Pains, sensitivity, sports, all these questions will be discussed in consultation. It is not the aim of this web pages to be too exhaustive.

The price of this surgery ranges between 4000 and 5000 Euros , depending on the hospital, the choice of the implant brands, the surgeon and the anesthesiologist fees...By the way a document will be given with all these details, previously to the decision.

The complications of the mammary augmentation are not very frequent.
The most known is due to the capsular contraction. This incident is less and less observed , probably because the gel is now more cohesive , and the implants envelopes are thicker than in the past. Hematomas are unusual , and are prevented by the succion drainage which will be let in place the first 24 hours, this explains that the hospitalization in my hands lasts about 24 hours.
By the way this surgery is not obligatory therefore the precautions and the security must be very high.
Finally, only a good relationship between your  experiented Plastic surgeon and yourself will be the best guaranty of a good result. I expect to see you soon in my consultation.

I am fluent in english language , and I am available easily.

Best regards,
David Laguarde, M.D.

Dr David Laguarde is a surgeon board qualified in Aesthetic , Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr Laguarde receives his patients on appointement in his office of aesthetic surgery near Paris. Dr Laguarde is particularly specialized in aesthetic surgery of the noseaesthetic surgery of the breast, mammary augmentationmammary reduction, body contouring, face lifting, liposuction, liposculpture, otoplasty and blepharoplasty.